How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring Travel

As the cold, gray, and gloomy winter nears its midpoint, its time to start planning day trips for the spring to shake off the winter blues. Freezing temperatures, ice, and road salt all take a toll on your vehicle. On the first relatively warm day, you should inspect your car for possible future maintenance needs. Things you should check include: Your car battery  Cold weather is notoriously hard on car batteries, especially older batteries.

Three Components In Your Car That Stop Your Air Conditioning From Working Properly

Your car’s air conditioning system is similar to the system that cools your home. It has a condenser and relies on a refrigerant to keep your car cool. When your car’s air conditioner does not work, there are three components that may need repair or replacement in order for it to run properly. The Radiator It should come as no surprise that if your car is overheating, it will shut down auxiliary parts, like your air conditioning system, in order to keep the car’s engine from blowing up.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Flushing Your Transmission

It is generally recommended that you change the fluids in your transmission about every 30,000 miles, or whenever your owner’s manual suggests that you change out the transmission fluid. One way to change out the fluid in your transmission is with an automatic transmission flush. Here are some things you should know about this process. Who Offers Automatic Transmission Flushes? Many auto shops offer automatic transmission flushes. However, you are most likely to see this type of service offered at quick oil and lube shops.

Auto Repairs That Can Improve Your Car Sale

Are you getting ready to list your car for sale? If so, maximizing your sale price is likely the number one thing on your mind when selling your car. To ensure your car sells for the top price, you will want to be sure that buyers do not have room to talk down the asking price. You prevent buyers from lowering the price by having your vehicle repaired and serviced before listing it for sale.

3 Tips To Help A Novice Ride A Harley Like A Pro

Have you seen Harley riders hop on their bikes and then ride off totally owning the road? Have you ever wanted take that much command, but don’t know how? Straddling a classic bike like a Harley and then riding it with a deft command takes a special amount of skill and aplomb. Even so, there’s nothing to be intimidated about. Here are three tips that will help you ride a Harley like you own it.

What To Do When Your Hybrid Or Electric Vehicle Doesn't Seem To Be Charging Completely

Although hybrid cars and fully electric vehicles have not completely taken over the auto industry just yet, they can still experience problems just like the gas-loaded ones can. The biggest concern that you may encounter with your hybrid or electric is a vehicle that does not seem to charge fully. There could be a couple of reasons for this, and before you take your car in for auto repair, you may want to check these potential problems out carefully.