Four Tips For Buying A Semi Truck

If you drive a semi truck for a living, you know that so much of your life and livelihood literally rides on the quality of the vehicle that you drive. You can help yourself out a lot by knowing when to ditch your current vehicle and buy a new semi truck. Whether you want to buy a semi truck that is brand new or gently used, there are some guidelines below that will assist you in your hunt. 

Tip #1: Inspect The Semi Truck Cab

So much of your work depends on the quality of your cab, so that you can haul items great distances. When you are shopping for a great semi truck, you should literally jump inside of the cab and begin walking around, in order to look into its condition. Doing this will allow you to ensure that you will be able to get several quality miles out of your truck. The amount of miles on the truck will let you know whether the cab is of the necessary quality as well. For instance, if the odometer reads anything close to 300,000 miles, you should ask whether this is the original cab or if it has been replaced. 

Tip #2: Look Into The Semi Truck Oil

The quality of your semi truck oil corresponds with the quality of the vehicle overall, and says a lot about how well it has been maintained through the years. Inspect the oil and make sure that it is not dirty or gritty. That way, you will now that the lubrication is not contaminated and that the engine was well cared for. 

Tip #3: Throughly Check The Engine

Before paying your hard earned cash on a semi truck, make sure that you get the engine thoroughly inspected by an auto mechanic that you trust. This will help you to know whether a truck is worth the buy and will allow you to make wise decisions. For instance, even if a truck has several miles on it, it may be a bargain to purchase if the engine was meticulously maintained. 

Tip #4: Buy A Service Plan To Go With It

Finally, do yourself a huge favor and make sure that you buy yourself a maintenance and service plan to go with the truck. Since you will be putting many miles and wear and tear on it, you'll need to get the ongoing service of a mechanic who can continuously help you get the most out of the vehicle. They will be able to service your truck at specific intervals in order to safeguard it over the long haul. 

Consider these four tips as you look to purchase a semi truck. Visit for more information.