Customize Your Flatbed Utility Trailer With These Options

When it comes to buying a flatbed trailer, you have many decisions to make. You have to decide on what material you want the platform to be made of, select an electric harness and pick your paint color. But the decisions you have to make don't end there. There are many products you can add on to your flatbed trailer to help customize it and make it more useful for you. Here are a few of the options you have and the reasons these options may be helpful.

Cargo Restraint Options

Having cargo restraints on your utility trailer will assist you in securing the load that you are transporting. While you have various types of options as far as restraints are concerned, you need to choose the one that best suits your needs consistently and that you will be able to utilize the most. You have the option of a D-ring restraint, which is generally anchored to the floor or side wall of a trailer. This allows you to attach rope to the ring and tie cargo down or secure it to a wall. Another option is a ratchet system. Having a ratchet system allows you to use a strap to secure the load without having to worry about using rope to tie the cargo down. Or you can select sliding J hooks, which move throughout the bed of your trailer, allowing you to change your tie down points based on the size and shape of the load you are securing.

Load Distribution Options

Another way you can customize your flatbed trailer is to select a load distribution option. This has to do with the suspension system of the trailer. You can select different sized axles and differently positioned axles based on the weight of the items you plan to transport and where you plan to position the heaviest items on the flatbed. This can help ensure that your trailer and cargo remain level and steady as you turn and maneuver the trailer.


The last way you can customize your flatbed trailer is with a ramp. A ramp can be added onto the back of the trailer, making it easier for you to load heavy or large items. You can load wheel items such as lawn mowers directly into place, or use a furniture dolly to help you with large boxes or furniture you may be placing in the trailer. When you are selecting a ramp, keep in mind the weight of the load you are transporting, as this affects the material that the ramp needs to be made from. Aluminum ramps are often cheaper, but can't hold as much weight as steel. You also get to select how the ramp folds up. Some simply slide off and sit in the bed of the truck when not in use, but this can take up valuable space. Others fold down flat and lay flush against the flatbed, but these can be costly. Figuring out what your needs are and learning about the different options will help you select the right ramp type for you.

Adding extras onto your utility trailer helps you to customize the trailer and makes it more useful for the purposes you are using it for. Learning about the different add-ons that are available will help you select the ones that make the most sense for you.