Benefits And Drawbacks Of Flushing Your Transmission

It is generally recommended that you change the fluids in your transmission about every 30,000 miles, or whenever your owner's manual suggests that you change out the transmission fluid. One way to change out the fluid in your transmission is with an automatic transmission flush. Here are some things you should know about this process.

Who Offers Automatic Transmission Flushes?

Many auto shops offer automatic transmission flushes. However, you are most likely to see this type of service offered at quick oil and lube shops. 

How An Automatic Transmission Flush Works

A pressurized filtered fluid machine is hooked up to your transmission. The machine pushed all of the transmission fluid that is currently inside of your transmission out. The machine uses pressure to clean out the old fluid. Then, a cleaning agent is run through your transmission. After the cleaning agent has run through your transmission, new transmission fluid is added. 

A Transmission Flush Gets Rid Off All The Old Fluid

One of the biggest advantages of flushing your transmission is that the machine used ensures that all the old fluid is released from your system. This allows debris that has built up inside of your transmission to be flushed out as well. 

However, sometimes the pressure from the flush is only enough to loosen the debris. If the debris is loosened by is not completely removed, this debris could damage your transmission and eventually cause it to fail. An ineffective transmission flush can actually cause more damage to your transmission than just letting old fluid sit in there. 

A Transmission Flush Can Help Your Mechanic Identify Leaks

If there are any leaks in your transmission, your mechanic will have no problem identifying them when you get a transmission flush. The high pressure that is applied to flush out the old fluid will quickly make any leaks apparent. They can be patched up and fixed before they cause a large problem.

On the other hand, if someone inexperienced operates the transmission fluid machine, and uses too much pressure to clean out your transmission, they can actually break your transmission seals. 

Your Transmission Filter Is Not Changed When You Flush Your Transmission

It is important to note that your transmission filter is not changed when you get a transmission flush. The old fluid is flushed out and new fluid is added. Your transmission filter is only changed if you get a fluid change, instead of a flush. 

If you just need to flush out your transmission fluid, and you know your transmission filter is still in good condition, all you need is a transmission flush. However, make sure you only allow a qualified mechanic who knows how to control the pressure, such as Pro Transmission, to perform a transmission flush on your vehicle.