3 Tips To Help A Novice Ride A Harley Like A Pro

Have you seen Harley riders hop on their bikes and then ride off totally owning the road? Have you ever wanted take that much command, but don't know how? Straddling a classic bike like a Harley and then riding it with a deft command takes a special amount of skill and aplomb. Even so, there's nothing to be intimidated about. Here are three tips that will help you ride a Harley like you own it.

1. Inspect the Bike Before Starting

Before you even start riding, make sure that the Harley you're riding is meant for cruising as not all of them are. If you are unsure, ask a dealer, like Duke City Harley-Davidson, to go over the different models. Make sure that your Harley is fully operational and has all of its parts in good working condition. Prepare your Harley for cruising by inspecting its tires, lights, and gas level.

2. Dress the Part

The quickest way to spot a novice in a gaggle of motorcyclists is to find the person who is riding with cutoffs and flip flops. Don't be that person. When you are riding your Harley, you need tough boots since you will be shifting gears with your feet.

Also, you need good clothing since you will be against the wind. Protect your skin so that the wind does not chafe it. Leather works very well in this regard. And if you fall or crash, leather (plus a must-have helmet), will save you from road rash and serious injury. Now, if you want to suit up in all-black leather with a huge skull and crossbones decal, that's up to you. 

3. Hop on the Bike on the Left Side

The cool way to hop onto your bike is from the left side and never from the right. If you hop on from the right, you will lose cool points. The kickstand of your Harley is on the left so it naturally lowers the seat making it easier to hop on. Plus once you take the bike off the center stand, you'll need to support it's weight. Being on the side of the kickstand will help you avoid dropping the heavy bike and/or hurting yourself!

Following the preceding three tips will help you ride your Harley like you own it! Visit your Harley Davidson dealer to help you find out more tips on owning a new motorcycle and riding lessons.