Three Components In Your Car That Stop Your Air Conditioning From Working Properly

Your car's air conditioning system is similar to the system that cools your home. It has a condenser and relies on a refrigerant to keep your car cool. When your car's air conditioner does not work, there are three components that may need repair or replacement in order for it to run properly.

The Radiator

It should come as no surprise that if your car is overheating, it will shut down auxiliary parts, like your air conditioning system, in order to keep the car's engine from blowing up. If you suddenly have no air conditioning and your car's radiator light/sign lights up on the dashboard, stop and have a mechanic check your fluid levels. Once your radiator has been checked for leaks and refilled with coolant, your air conditioner should work well again.

The Electrical Wiring

Shorts in the electrical system or disconnected wires cause your air conditioning to malfunction. If you notice that some days you have air conditioning and other days it does not seem to work at all, the problem is probably electrical. You can try and switch out the fuses in your car's fuse panel to see if that is the problem. If you still have inconsistent cool air problems, have a mechanic check out the electrical wiring to see where the connections are bad.

The Crankshaft

If you have a problem with your crankshaft, the part of your car's engine responsible for cranking power and moving the engine's pistons, then you also have a problem with your air conditioning. Most drivers are unaware and do not realize that a belt attached to the crankshaft is what controls the condenser in their cars' air conditioning systems. If the belt does not turn, the a/c does not function, and then you have more problems on your hands than just the a/c. In fact, your entire engine has probably shut down because the pistons are not moving or not moving properly. 

Why Your Auto Service Technician Checks More Than The A/C Parts

Essentially, an automotive air conditioner has three parts: the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser. However, the system itself is connected to so many other engine parts, and without these parts, the air conditioning cannot run or run effectively. When you ask an auto service technician at places like Aamco Transmissions & Auto Repair to fix your a/c system and the bill comes back for other engine components and repair/replacement, it is not because the technician does not know anything about your a/c, but rather he or she found trouble in the parts that connect to your car's a/c and impact how it operates.