Three Important Factors To Consider Before You Rent A Limo

Whether you have a formal event coming up or you're just keen on adding some wow factor to an otherwise simple activity, you might find yourself preparing to rent a limo. With many limo rental companies in large cities, you have a number of options at your disposal. It's useful to talk to a few limo companies and have your questions answered. Although you'll want to talk about the rental cost and the nature of the available vehicles, here are three other topics to consider when you're going through the process of choosing a limo company.

Rental Flexibility

Some limo rental companies allow you to specifically choose the vehicle you wish to rent, while others will only guarantee a rental vehicle's class or features. Either approach can be suitable, but if you're particular about getting a specific limo for your upcoming event, it's ideal to give your business to a company that will allow you this perk. See if you're able to visit the limo company's office in person and inspect the limo you plan to rent. Going through this extra step in advance of your rental can help you ensure you're pleased with the vehicle.


If you talk to a number of different limo companies about renting a vehicle, you'll likely encounter a wide range of features available with the rental. Many companies offer their customers a fully stocked bar in the vehicle, while others request that customers bring their own refreshments. And, sometimes, you'll need to let the company know in advance if you intend to bring your own refreshments. If you expect that you and your guests will enjoy some refreshments during the journey, make sure you have a clear understanding of the situation. The last thing you want is to let a misunderstanding result in a lack of drinks for your outing.

Rental Length

Limo companies offer a degree of flexibility about the length of time you need the vehicle. Whether you want it for just an hour or wish to have access for an entire day, you shouldn't have trouble working out an arrangement. It's always important to discuss the company's rental length requirements, though. Some companies require customers to pay for a minimum rental of a couple hours, for example. Additionally, you should always confirm any fees for exceeding the rental length, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Some companies offer a short grace period for late returns, but this information is always useful to clarify up front.

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