4 Accessories That Will Make Your Pickup Truck More Off-Road Friendly

If you find yourself wishing your pickup truck were better suited for off road travel, then you're in luck. There are lots of accessories you can choose from. These accessories won't make your truck unsafe for highway travel, so you can install them and leave them on. Unlike off-road tires, these accessories are perfect for any road condition.

Bug Shield

If you're traveling backcountry roads, then you're going to be dealing with lots of bugs. They will splatter on your windshield, get stuck on the wiper blades, and cause a mess. If you don't want to spend lots of time washing them off after every drive, then get a bug shield. These are small pieces of plastic that are attached to the front of your cars hood. They work by creating an aerodynamic situation whereby the bugs are swept over your car in an airstream.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are similar to bumpers, but they extend out more. They are attached to the front of the truck and are designed to protect the car and the inhabitants in the event that you hit an animal. While you are unlikely to run into roaming cattle, you might very well encounter a deer when you off-road at night.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are attached to the undercarriage and placed behind your tires. The reason you should have mudflaps installed is that they will protect your car from getting too dirty. All of that mud is not just visually unpleasant, it can cause rust to your car. The exhaust system, the suspension, and even the frame can corrode. This is especially a problem during the winter when streets are covered in salt. Therefore, mud flaps will protect you both off road and on main streets that have been salted.

Off-Road LED Light Bar

This is a great addition to your vehicle because it provides extra light. If you're planning to drive at night, then this is a serious issue. There are no streetlights in the woods or mountains, so you will only be using the regular lights on your truck and the moonlight. The LED lights are attached to the roof of your truck and are extremely bright and able to illuminate the approaching area. These lights spread in a larger sweep than regular headlights. This is good because rural roads will often have hazards such as low tree limbs or ditches that traditional headlights might not make visible.