4 Ways To Save On Your Long-Term Car Maintenance Costs

As a vehicle owner, of course you want to do your part to preserve the value of your car--especially if you plan on selling it at some point down the road. However, if budget is a concern, spending money on certain car maintenance tasks can seem a bit daunting or may not be financially feasible. Fortunately, there are a few car maintenance tips you can follow now that could save you a significant amount of money down the road. 

Change Your Own Oil

Why pay $40+ for an oil change at your dealership or local garage? You can change your own oil for a fraction of the price, and it's easier than you think. All you need is a drain pan for your oil, a fresh bottle of motor oil, a new oil filter, and about a half hour of your time to get it done. Just be sure to properly dispose of the used oil.

Inspect Your Car's Fluids

If you read your car owner's manual, it probably has several intervals listed at which it's recommended that you change your vehicle's fluids (such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc.). However, many of these fluids are designed to last for the entire life of your car, so you can typically give the lines a visual inspection rather than having the fluids flushed at your local auto garage. As long as there are no obvious leaks or problems, there's no reason to pay for a fluid flush.

Replace Brake Pads 

As soon as you begin to hear your brakes squeaking when you press the brake pedal, it's probably time to replace your brake pads. You may be wondering how this car maintenance task could possibly save you money. Well, by replacing your brake pads when they first begin to wear, you can protect your rotors from uneven wear and damage, thus prolonging their lives. Because rotors are a lot more expensive to replace than brake pads, staying on top of pad replacement can save you a lot of money down the road.

Decline Car Wash Extras

Finally, the next time you're at the car wash, go ahead and decline that underbody wax or any other add-ons they try to sell you. These add-ons really aren't going to protect your car in the long run, as those waxes are going to wash off the first time it rains. Instead, stick to your basic car wash or, better yet, wash your car yourself and save even more money.