How To Prepare Your Crane For Transport

If you are transporting your crane from one work site to another, you might be planning on using the services of a heavy haul company like Apex Transportation to have it towed, or you might have your own truck to get the job done. Regardless, it isn't as easy as simply loading your crane onto the truck; instead, you have to make sure that your crane is properly prepared for this move. Follow these tips beforehand if you want things to go as simply and smoothly as possible.

Obtain Any Permits That You Need

First of all, you should check with your local government offices to let them know about what you are planning on doing. Depending on the laws in your jurisdiction and the size of the crane that you are transporting, there is a good chance that you will need a permit. It's best to apply for this permit a few weeks before you will need to move your crane, if at all possible, to help ensure that you are legal and ready to go on the day of your move.

Take Off Removable Parts

Any removable parts that can be taken off of your crane, such as removable arms and buckets, should be removed prior to transport. Also, make sure that you lower the arm as much as possible so that your crane is as compact as it can be. This can help you save money on transporting because you won't need a truck that is nearly as large. Plus, it will help prevent your crane's parts from breaking during transport and can help protect it, as well as protecting others who are on the road while you are transporting.

Cover It Up

Take the time to cover up the more vulnerable parts of your crane before you load it up. For example, you might want to cover up the windshield with protective cardboard or another protective cover to help protect it from getting damaged. Also, remember to insulate any fuel tanks and water lines if it's cold outside to help prevent them from freezing up and causing significant, expensive damage.

Preparing your crane for transport is important if you want your transporting job to go as easily as possible. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you can ensure that your crane is ready to go when the heavy hauling truck pulls up at your construction site or place of business.